Kenan Dagci

Ioannis Koskinas

Ioannis “Gianni” Koskinas is a retired special operations military officer, published author, highly effective leader, coach, and mentor. Prior to retirement, Gianni focused on national...
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Bülent Aras

Bülent Aras is Academic Coordinator of POMEAS. Senior Scholar and Coordinator of the Conflict Resolution and Mediation stream at Istanbul Policy Center and Professor in...
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Fuat Keyman

Fuat Keyman is Director of Istanbul Policy Center and Professor of International Relations at Sabancı University. Keyman is a leading Turkish political scientist and an...
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Hilal Elver

Hilal Elver is International Coordinator of POMEAS. She is a Research Professor at the University of California Santa Barbara, an appointment she has held since...
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